Top four places to visit in central London

By Charlotte Beasley
  1. The Shard

It may sound expensive but tickets for The Shard can be purchased online for just £15. It is worth the money because the view is amazing, especially if you want to be a tourist for the day or do some photography,

2. Westminster and Southbank

Both of these places are great for a student budget because they cost nothing. Again, they are both perfect for a ‘tourist’ day out but it can get busy so be prepared. If you are looking to do some photography, a clear sky or a sunset would be the perfect time to go. Also, if you have some money spare you can always go on the London Eye as well – it will give you a fantastic view of the city.

3. Graffiti tunnel

This may not be for everyone but it is extraordinary and again, it costs no money at all. Near the back of Waterloo station is the graffiti tunnel, where artists are free to express themselves. The work is amazing and should be more appreciated.

4. Hyde Park

If you want a nice walk in the sunshine this spring/summer but don’t want to stay in Kingston, Hyde Park is a good place to visit. You could even bring a picnic to save yourself some money on food.



Clayhill residents expected to pay rent until June but want to move out early

By Charlotte Beasley

Kingston University students living at Clayhill Halls of Residence are expected to pay rent until the end of June despite most courses being completed by April.

Halls licence states that ‘payment for the full residential period is mandatory,’ but this means students are required to spend £1000 more after the university year has fi17622889_10209048691358212_758402057_onished.

Film student Ryan Chapman said: “We should be able to move out any time after our courses finish and not keep paying hundreds of pounds.”

Some students have already started looking for people to take over their rent as soon as possible so they can go home for the summer.

International students who receive no government support/student loans have found this system even more inconvenient.

Peter Enia said: “I will be returning to the States in May, but I still have to pay for a full month worth of rent. It is not my fault that I have to abide by my visa.”

Students have argued that the halls should be 17690138_10209048691158207_680695922_nmore flexible about the last payment, allowing residents to pay weekly and move out when they want to.

All courses finish at different times, some of which finish as early as April 24 but students have to stay and pay to live in London until June 24 or go home and still pay rent.

Rich Allo said: “There should be more communication between the university and halls, and negotiations over which students are entitled to reductions if they have to leave early.”

Most residents understand the conditions of the agreement they signed before moving into halls but they do not agree with it and wish for action to take place in the future.

Rhys Jarvis said: “As inconvenient as it is, it is part of your licence agreement which everyone accepted when they paid their deposit. Perhaps in the future they can make it more flexible.”

Students are left feeling confused due to lack of information about student housing

By Charlotte Beasley

Students want more support from Kingston University after statistic show that 40 per cent of surveyed students feel uninformed about the process of student housing.17690689_10209048699078405_19662168_n

The University will open their headed tenancy applications on April 3 2017 but only 15 per cent of students were aware that you could apply through the University.

Biological science student Jacob Callow said: “More emails would be helpful and better advertising about how to apply for a house is needed because I was confused.”

Meetings have taken place in the halls of residence and important housing information has been advertised around the University and on social media.

10 per cent attended one of the advertised meetings but did not feel confident or completely informed after and 70 per cent did not even know there were any meetings.

History student, Rianna Husein said: “Halls should do more meetings about transitioning from Halls to houses but when you do need advice, they do respond to emails fairly quickly.”

S17619193_10209048698598393_42536390_ntudents applying for housing in private sectors can be expected to pay a deposit of up to £700 and additional costs for security deposits and administration fees.

Only 5 per cent of students said they were prepared for costs that high whilst 50 per cent said it is too expensive and they would struggle to afford it.

Louise from the accommodation office said: “contracts signing is likely to take place in April/May and if some of the students cannot be in Kingston to sign the contract, this will be okay.”

Due to headed tenancy applications opening just before Easter, students are worried about the process of applying but have been reassured that not all residents need to be present to sign contracts.

A speed house-mating event will take place on Monday March 20 between 5pm and 8pm for students looking to rent in private sectors or headed tenancy.