Top four places to visit in central London

By Charlotte Beasley
  1. The Shard

It may sound expensive but tickets for The Shard can be purchased online for just £15. It is worth the money because the view is amazing, especially if you want to be a tourist for the day or do some photography,

2. Westminster and Southbank

Both of these places are great for a student budget because they cost nothing. Again, they are both perfect for a ‘tourist’ day out but it can get busy so be prepared. If you are looking to do some photography, a clear sky or a sunset would be the perfect time to go. Also, if you have some money spare you can always go on the London Eye as well – it will give you a fantastic view of the city.

3. Graffiti tunnel

This may not be for everyone but it is extraordinary and again, it costs no money at all. Near the back of Waterloo station is the graffiti tunnel, where artists are free to express themselves. The work is amazing and should be more appreciated.

4. Hyde Park

If you want a nice walk in the sunshine this spring/summer but don’t want to stay in Kingston, Hyde Park is a good place to visit. You could even bring a picnic to save yourself some money on food.



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