Students at Penrhyn Road are angry after the university kept quiet on increased canteen food prices

By Ellie Ideson

Students at Penrhyn Road campus are angry with the university’s lack of communication following an increase in canteen food prices.

Food and drink prices have increased up to 29 per cent this month with bottled water increasing the most from 50p to 70p.

“I just noticed it, no one actually told us or emailed us which feels shit.” Pamelah Nunez, a second-year forensic science student said.


Elior is Kingston University’s catering supplier and has said that the increased prices follow a review of supplier demands.

Strength of pound

The rising costs of raw materials and the strength of the pound have affected the cost of supplies Elior uses, such as tinned-tuna increasing by 35 per cent.

“I’ve noticed that the prices have raised, but the uni hasn’t said anything. I feel deceived because I think the uni should help students and convince the company not to change it or find another company to keep the prices low.” Natasza Rybka, a first-year human geography student said.

The university has labelled all the increased prices with signs below the food or drink that shows the old and new price to make students aware.

Value offers

Elior Student Experience and Marketing Manager Kirsty Robinson said: “We are acutely aware of the cost associated with attending university and will ensure that there is always a good array of value offers.”

Elior has assured the university that their products will be reviewed regularly to maintain the quality and value of the products.

The price increase has been made across all Kingston University campuses.


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