First-year Film students feel confused after the Film Department is set to move faculties later this year

By Ellie Ideson

Film students are confused after the film department said they were moving the course to the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture later this year.

The BA Film course is currently under the Faculty of Social Sciences based at Penrhyn Road but after review, the university intends to move all film courses to Knights Park by 2020.

“I don’t understand why we need to move as the course seems to be fine at Penrhyn, we have the mac and the loans room available all the time, as well as the DVD and film books in the library.” Said Emily Walker, a first-year film student.

Kingston University has made these changes so that all research and film teaching can combine and be managed under one faculty.

But film students do not feel they have been well informed about the move and would have preferred to have more say.


“I don’t feel that we as students have been well informed about this change. I don’t think it will affect the course in terms of how it’s structured but may affect people’s attitudes towards attendance.” Ryan Chapman, a first-year film student said.

Walker said: “All we were sent was an email which didn’t really inform us, so I feel we could have been given more information and more of an option when they decided on the move.”

Professor Simon Morgan Wortham, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has emailed the students and reassured them that there is “no need to worry” and that their degree will “continue as usual.”


The changes are seen as a boost to Kingston University’s reputation in film and discussions are being held at the moment to discuss these changes further.

As part of the 2020 transformation programme, the film department is excited for the opportunity to be able to work together as one faculty.

Students views on the proposals have been encouraged by the faculty which can be shared by speaking to their student representatives or the Union of Kingston students.


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