Clayhill students outraged at the announcement of key charges when getting locked out of their flats

By Aneesa Anwar

Clayhill residents are outraged and confused after the announcement that they will now be charged £10 plus an admin fee for locking themselves out of their rooms or flats.

It has come as a surprise since all the doors in Clayhill lock automatically meaning keys must be taken with residents at all times but can easily be forgotten.

Clayhill resident and chemistry student Inga Tymczuk said: “I think the charge is horrible, I’m super paranoid about locking myself out and have to check my pockets five times before I leave because I don’t want to get charged.”

Although the key charge is in fact in the Clayhill contract, they were not made clear or even mentioned until after the Christmas holidays when signs were then put on the front doors of flats alerting residents of the changes.

Drama student and Clayhill resident Zoe Divers said: “I think we should have all read over the contract in more detail prior to moving in but it also should have been emphasised by staff when we first moved in.”

When asked, the receptionists said that the charge was in fact in the contract, however refused to make any further comments on the issue.

Pharmacy student and Clayhill resident Isaac Haynes said: “I’ve been locked out a few times but I’ve never been charged, unless it comes out of your deposit (£300) immediately but I’m not sure if it does.”

Many students who have been locked out since the charge was introduced have been unsure whether they have actually been charged leading to further anger and confusion.

Resident Amelia Mae said: “They are trying to find anyway to drain money from our pockets and they had seen there was a high influx in the number of lockouts so they decided to use it as a money making scheme.”


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