Kingston MA Museum and Gallery Design students hold first exhibition at Knights Park platform gallery

By Aneesa Anwar 

Students gathered at Knights park on Tuesday March 21 for the Curating the Future: Preserving the Past exhibition set up by the MA Museum and Gallery design students.

The exhibition, which was created over a period of two months, was a mixture of work the students both created and curated from all over the world.

Clayhill resident, and MA Museum and Gallery design student, Gokce Ozkan said: “We are taking a module called the challenge of change which is dealing with the futures of museums and gallery’s so as part of that we created this exhibition.”

The exhibition included a range of art pieces both created and curated by the students in many different forms and mediums: futuristic art pieces such as virtual reality 3D sculptures as well interactive art pieces for audiences to enjoy and get involved with.

Carmen Hubbard, MA Museum and Gallery design student and creator of the art piece inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities, said: “Museums are engaging with new technologies to open up to wider audiences and we’ve had lots of positive comments about the exhibition.”


“It is interesting to see other people’s visions of what they think the future of museums will actually become.”

The exhibition opened in the platform gallery at Knights Park and will be open there until April 5 when it will then be continued at the Museum of Futures in Surbiton.

Guest at the event Joseph Hoare said: “I really enjoyed the exhibition and I’m amazed at how varied it is and the mediums and approaches everyone has taken and created on the same topic.”



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