Clayhill residents expected to pay rent until June but want to move out early

By Charlotte Beasley

Kingston University students living at Clayhill Halls of Residence are expected to pay rent until the end of June despite most courses being completed by April.

Halls licence states that ‘payment for the full residential period is mandatory,’ but this means students are required to spend £1000 more after the university year has fi17622889_10209048691358212_758402057_onished.

Film student Ryan Chapman said: “We should be able to move out any time after our courses finish and not keep paying hundreds of pounds.”

Some students have already started looking for people to take over their rent as soon as possible so they can go home for the summer.

International students who receive no government support/student loans have found this system even more inconvenient.

Peter Enia said: “I will be returning to the States in May, but I still have to pay for a full month worth of rent. It is not my fault that I have to abide by my visa.”

Students have argued that the halls should be 17690138_10209048691158207_680695922_nmore flexible about the last payment, allowing residents to pay weekly and move out when they want to.

All courses finish at different times, some of which finish as early as April 24 but students have to stay and pay to live in London until June 24 or go home and still pay rent.

Rich Allo said: “There should be more communication between the university and halls, and negotiations over which students are entitled to reductions if they have to leave early.”

Most residents understand the conditions of the agreement they signed before moving into halls but they do not agree with it and wish for action to take place in the future.

Rhys Jarvis said: “As inconvenient as it is, it is part of your licence agreement which everyone accepted when they paid their deposit. Perhaps in the future they can make it more flexible.”


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