logan-2017-poster-4By Charlotte Beasley

*warning contains spoilers*

Set in the year 2029, 25 years after the last mutant was born, Wolverine is no longer the raging hero. Instead he is stripped down and his character is given the best treatment yet in what is the end of an era.

Logan, directed by James Mangold, leaves you emotional for all the right reasons as Hugh Jackman gives us his best performance as Wolverine and just in time for his farewell. The film begins with our protagonist as an alcoholic working as a limousine driver. We learn that all the characters we have grown to love, since the first X-men was released 17 years ago, have gone and we are left with just three mutants. Logan, Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) and Caliban, (Stephan Merchant) an Albino mutant. It is a Wolverine film that finally feels like it is part of the real world whilst still being an action film with heroes.
What once gave Logan more strength and power is now slowly killing him and now leaving his heroic days behind, all Logan wants to do is buy a boat and live out the rest of his life on the sea with the rambling, insane professor X. When a Mexican immigrant (Elizabeth Rodriguez) turns up with a young girl called Laura (Dafne Keen), begging for Logan to take them to safety in Canada, his plans change. Laura is being hunted along with several other children as she is a mutant, born and bred in a lab run by a company called Transigen but we are also quick to learn that she is so much more.
The film in some scenes was quite predictable, reflecting similar events that have occurred in previous instalments of the X-men movies but such scenes were considerably more polished and better executed in Logan.
From car chases, that cinematically give an old western vibe to heart-breaking and almost horror style scenes, Logan is one movie in the Wolverine trilogy that will leave you wanting more.
Classed as a 15, Logan is more violent than previous x-men/wolverine films but the filmmakers at times take their upgraded certificate to seriously by adding in more swearing than what was needed. A little side note, some video gamers may understand and appreciate ‘The Last of Us’ vibe that was given whether it was intentional or not. The middle-aged, broken man who is trusted with the life of a young, powerful girl.
There were times where the film dragged and slowed down like Wolverine himself but by the end I was satisfied with the overall treatment of the film. 17 years ago we were introduced to the character Wolverine and it took a handful of producers and directors 17 years to portray this character effectively but it was worth the wait.


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